Although Welltech Energy PTE. LTD. is a established company, the Management Team has accumulated very extensive real world experience, and professional and financial resources over the last thirty five years in the industry or business, which will give the company big advantage and strength to grow rapidly. They entered the trade in the early 80s’, and started their business in 1995, and set up and managed many successful businesses.    


The Management will apply our vision, focus and resources to identify good potential investment assets worldwide. Currently, we have selected a few target to evaluate. It is our vision to grow the Company with the strategies below:


No public offering

Bring together interested parties or investors who know the industry well

Identify right exploration opportunities and value-enhancing development properties 

Make sound assets acquisition and investment decisions

Use technology and talents to explore and develop efficiently

Meet our obligations and responsibilities

l    Create win-win business opportunities for all the parties.

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